LSU Celebrates Most Academically Accomplished Freshman Class in History, Record-Breaking Graduation Rate and Increased Retention

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LSU is celebrating its most academically accomplished freshman class in history, with a record-high average ACT superscore of 26.5, up from 25.5 in Fall 2022. The class also has a record-high GPA of 3.82, compared to 3.78 in Fall 2022.

In addition, LSU’s Ogden Honors College enrolled its largest-ever cohort of freshmen at 1,045 students with an average ACT superscore of 30.5 and an average GPA of 4.22.

“The academic quality of the freshman class and the academic achievements of our entire student body are remarkable,” LSU President William F. Tate IV said. “Our ability to recruit and retain students of this academic caliber is due to the quality and talent of our faculty and staff. While other universities are struggling with recruiting, an LSU education remains a competitive driver that keeps Louisiana talent here at home while attracting intellectually gifted students from around the nation.”  

Additionally, the university is celebrating continued academic excellence through record graduation rates and improved retention numbers. This fall’s first- to second-year retention rate for the overall student body is at 84 percent, up from 83.5 percent last year. And the first- to third-year retention rate is at 74.5 percent, up from 74.2 percent last year.

The six-year baccalaureate graduation rate is at an all-time high at 67.4 percent, a number that will increase by several percentage points once the university’s pre-nursing and allied health program graduates are calculated. The previous record was 66.9 percent.     

Graduate education has also reached new record numbers, with more than 6,700 graduate students enrolled in LSU, eclipsing the previous record of 6,528 in Fall 2021. Recent investments such as increased stipends and health care benefits for students pursuing terminal degrees underscore the increased focus LSU has placed on this important aspect of our scholarly community.

The Fall 2023 freshman class totals 7,494 students, up from the previous record of 7,367 in Fall 2022, breaking a record for first-generation college students at 2,500 students or 33.4 percent, up from the previous record of 2,446 or 33.2 percent in Fall 2022.

LSU’s overall enrollment totals 39,419 students this fall, including undergraduates, graduate students and online students. The previous record for largest overall enrollment was last year, Fall 2022, with a total of 37,354 students. 

And finally, LSU Online enrollment is also reaching new heights with 3,786 online students enrolled in the first module of Fall 2023, compared to the previous record of 3,429 enrolled in the second module of Spring 2023.

“We are breaking records where it really counts – student success, research expenditures, and state investment,” said President Tate. “We are grateful to our university’s faculty and staff for their tireless dedication to the LSU mission, and for parents and students for trusting us with your education.”

For additional statistics, please see LSU’s Fall 2023 enrollment highlights document.

Note: Beginning this year, LSU is reporting the ACT superscore instead of the highest ACT composite scores. The superscore is calculated by averaging the highest scores from each subject area across multiple test attempts. According to ACT, superscores are a better predictor of college success compared to other scoring techniques.