LSU Student Competing on “Wheel of Fortune” College Week

March 24, 2022


LSU student Ryan Scott appears on set of "Wheel of Fortune"

LSU student Ryan Scott will compete on "Wheel of Fortune" 

BATON ROUGE - Computer science senior Ryan Scott will spin the wheel and try to solve the puzzles on “Wheel of Fortune.” The Baton Rouge native is a longtime fan of the television show and called it an eye-opening experience. When he’s not watching “Wheel of Fortune,” Scott is involved in many LSU student organizations including Student Government, and he is a Residential Life residential assistant for Canal Hall. Scott’s episode airs on ABC on Thursday, March 24.

When did you become a fan of “Wheel of Fortune”? Why was this something you wanted to do? 
I have always been a fan of "Wheel of Fortune" ever since I was a kid. I wanted to do this because I thought it would be a fun experience & who would pass up the opportunity to win money?

What was the process to be selected for the show?
To be selected for a show, you simply had to send in an audition video. After that, you must audition again and then wait to hear back if you were selected or not. So, to answer the question in a simple way, you need to audition twice for the show.

What was the most difficult phrase or round that you faced? 
The level of difficulty throughout the game show depends on if you have knowledge of current events going on (such as movies that are in theaters, trending television shows) and generic college references, specifically for College Week. If you have knowledge of these things, you are guaranteed to win something. Also, there might be easy puzzles, but others can solve them faster than you, so you need to be quick.

What was the experience like? 
It was truly an eye-opening experience. The other college students that I met were really kind, and the producers and other staff members made sure that we were all very comfortable before we started filming. I can't share spoilers, so if you are interested in seeing what happened on the show, you will have to watch.

What were Pat Sajak and Vanna White like? 
It was really nice getting to see them in person. All of the contestants got a chance to ask Vanna questions and she stated that she plays the game Wordle a lot, and it makes her feel like she is cheating on “Wheel of Fortune.” She also shared that she surprisingly doesn't have any favorite categories for puzzles on the show. Pat is also very funny. It was nice to see them in real life and not on my TV screen.

Can you be on “Wheel of Fortune” again?
Sadly, I cannot be on Wheel of Fortune again, but hopefully this will not be the last time you see of me on television.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about the experience? 
If you have been watching this show for a while, I highly encourage you to apply and hopefully you get selected and can win big! It is a really fun experience being on TV and meeting everyone. We need more Louisiana representation on the small screen.