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Current and former students share why they chose Manship - and why you should, too!

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“The answer's always going to be the Manship School of Mass Communication.”

LSU alumnus and political commentator James Carville says the best training in communications and politics can be found right here at the Manship School of Mass Communication.


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photo:James Carville and students in Holliday Forum balcony

Pursuing excellence in media & public affairs

In 1998, the Manship School of Mass Communication established the nation's first and only doctoral program specializing in media & public affairs. Soon after, the school's Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs was formed, with the mission of generating thoughtful programs, dialogue, and research on mass communication and its many faceted relationship with social, economic, and political issues. Manship students stay engaged in the local, state, and national public affairs conversations of the day through events like the annual Breaux Symposium and the Sports Communication Summit, and hosting the 2014 U.S. Senate debate, and the 2015 Louisiana Gubernatorial debate.