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The Manship School of Mass Communication prepares communicators for the ever-changing world of mass media.

dean baquet

Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs

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meghan sanders media effects lab

Media Effects Lab

The Media Effects Lab (MEL) is a research and teaching facility dedicated to the exploration of how media consumers emotionally and cognitively process media content and formats. Faculty and student researchers use advanced experimental and survey methodologies, and technologies (e.g. reaction time, facial expression analysis, heart rate, eye tracking, etc.) to investigate theoretical and applied problems, explore innovations, and uncover trends in mass communication.

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lance porter manship smac lab

Social Media Analysis and Creation Lab

The SMAC lab is a tool focused on the fastest-growing form of mass communication: social media. Featuring moveable t-walls, a touch screen control table, and screen walls, the lab will be used by faculty, mass communication general classes, student media, and specialty courses to track and analyze social media content, as well as create their own content and conduct academic research. 

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reilly center for media & public affairs public policy research lab

Public Policy Research Lab

The Manship School’s Public Policy Research Lab (PPRL) is a research center dedicated to high quality, state-of-the-art data collection and analytics, with a special emphasis on survey research. Since 2001, PPRL has advanced both practical and scholarly research while playing a leadership role in public policy development in the state. PPRL serves government agencies, non-profit organizations, business and industry, as well as academic researchers. One of the lab’s core projects is the Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs’ annual Louisiana Survey, which since 2003 has tracked public opinion about the policy issues facing the state. 

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