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Supplemental Instruction


Manship SI Instructor

 Olivia Landry




Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly study sessions offered for students enrolled in historically difficult courses. Students who attend three or more SI sessions typically earn a 0.5 letter grade higher than students who do not attend.

Online SI Sessions

In Fall 2020, SI sessions are hosted on Zoom. In order to participate in online SI sessions, you will need speakers and a high speed internet connection. Participation in online SI sessions can occur through the Zoom chat features or with a webcam/microphone.

The Zoom link for Online SI will be available on your course's Moodle page. Get the help you need with online supplemental instruction at LSU.

SI sessions are:

  • Free, voluntary and open to all students
  • An opportunity to improve understanding of material and course grades
  • An excellent way to meet other people in your class
  • Guided by an SI Leader who has taken the course and is prepared to share what they learned and how to study. The leader attends the class and works in close association with the instructor so that sessions are relevant to the material covered
  • Available in numerous subjects