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Current Partnerships


Daniel Willis

LSU College of Engineering Ph.D. student Daniel Willis sets up the solar simulator and LSU-designed photo reactor for a demo of the College of Engineering's new $1 million BASF Sustainability Living Laboratory.

BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future. With more than 2,000 employees at four large operations in Louisiana (including their Geismar facility, the largest of its kind in North America), BASF works with LSU to develop exceptional talent and impactful research. Through the strategic partnership, BASF hosted nearly 20 LSU engineering interns in the Summer of 2018; beyond the engineering operations training, the interns actively engaged in BASF’s community initiatives including pediatric cancer and local arts and education. BASF and LSU also work closely together on next-generation research through BASF’s Sustainable Living Laboratory, a specialized teaching and research facility located in the atrium of LSU’s Patrick F. Taylor Engineering Complex. The Sustainable Living Laboratory selects a resident LSU researcher based on rigorous criteria including educational outreach and impact; the Laboratory’s most recent research includes an innovative portable water disinfection system that uses visible light from the sun as a low-energy alternative – the technology is aimed at providing safe drinking water for developing countries.

Shell at LSU

group photo

With the support of Shell, LSU's College of Science is now home to the official Graduate Certificate in Applied Depositional Geosystems.

Shell is a global leader in the search for and development of sources of energy. The Shell and LSU broad partnership spans all disciplines and includes research, innovation, improving outcomes for students, and leadership development. The Shell Tutorial Center in LSU's Center for Academic Success is the university's central learning support function, one of the nation's only certified Learning Centers of Excellence, and responsible for helping improve by at least 25% the graduation rates of first-generation students, students in STEM disciplines, and historically underrepresented groups. Shell's commitment to student innovation is evident through its Eco-Marathon, for which students from LSU's Mechanical & Industrial, Electrical, and Computer Engineering departments came together to design, build, test, and drive an ultra-energy-efficient prototype vehicle.

ExxonMobil at LSU

career expo attendees

ExxonMobil at LSU Career Expo

ExxonMobil is committed to providing energy to the world in a practical, safe, and environmentally and socially responsible way, and it often looks to LSU as a strategic partner to educate future leaders and problem-solvers in areas of engineering, business, and science. From harnessing the power of an extensive internal ExxonMobil network of LSU graduates, to having ExxonMobil teaching assistants in courses, to sponsoring research and development, the partnership continues to produce outstanding talent and technology. ExxonMobil's sustained support of Senior Engineering Capstone projects has produced everything from designs for NASA's Human Exploration Rover to a new kind of beach-accessible wheelchair.