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Wherever you are on your Tiger's journey, we've got a variety of ways to help you stay informed with important dates, student support resources, and strategies for student success. Ready to connect with other families and student supporters? We've got that too. 

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Join us live or watch past recordings of Tiger Family Talks webinars that provide you with resources and information to help your Tiger navigate their college experience.

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Family Newsletter

Upperclassmen families often remark that the newsletter is the most useful resource to keep them informed. Sign up to continue to receive our Family Newsletter email after your student's first year. Our newsletter includes campus communications, deadlines, and events, and is only sent to families who have signed up below.

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Emergency Communications

In the event of an emergency, the university utilizes the LSUalert System to send text message notifications to students. Notifications to parents and families are sent through the LSU Mobile App. Parent & Family Programs also keeps families informed through emails and social media.

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When your Tiger has questions, be prepared with problem-solving tips, resources, and important dates and deadlines.

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The Family Association provides access and support through knowledgeable staff, current university information, and special involvement opportunities that allow members to stay connected to LSU.


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