Faculty and Staff

Kristin Sosnowsky

Chair of School of Theatre, Executive Associate Dean

College of Music and Dramatic Arts
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Office: (225) 578-9274
E-mail: ksosno1@lsu.edu

photo: sosnowsky




Josh Allred

Josh Allred 
Box Office Manager, SOT Recruiting Coordinator
Office: (225) 578-9282
E-mail: jallre3@lsu.edu

Jeremy Bernadoni

Jeremy Bernardoni
Visiting Assistant Professor of Costume Design

photo: cabaj

Stacey Cabaj
Assistant Professor of Voice: Associate
Head, MFA Acting
E-mail: staceycabaj@lsu.edu

photo: chrest

Joe Chrest
Adjunct (Film & Television)
E-mail: chrest911@gmail.com



Eric Cope

Eric Cope
Assistant Professor of Lighting and Projection Design
E-mail: ericcope1@lsu.edu

photo: judy

John Michael Eddy
Professional-in-Residence, Props Master
Office: (225) 578-4979
E-mail: jeddy3@lsu.edu

photo: erickson

Nick Erickson
Associate Professor (Movement); Head MFA Acting
Office: (225) 578-4331
E-mail: nickwe@lsu.edu

photo: euba

Femi Euba
Louise & Kenneth
Kinney Professor (Black Drama and Playwriting)
Office: (225) 578-3537
E-mail: theuba@lsu.edu 



Melissa Fay

Melissa Fay
SOT Business Manager
Office: (225) 578-8594
E-mail: mfay@lsu.edu

photo: fletcher

John Fletcher
Co-Head, PhD Program
Billy J. Harbin
Associate Professor
Office: (225) 578-3544
E-mail: jfletch@lsu.edu

photo: holden

Richard Holden
Associate Professor (Acting and Directing); Head, Undergraduate Performance
Office: (225) 578-3534
E-mail: rholbe2@lsu.edu

Tara Houston

Tara Houston
Assistant Professor of Scenic Design
E-mail: tarahouston1@lsu.edu



photo: judy

George Judy
Gresdna A. Doty
Professor (Acting and Directing)
Phone: (225) 578-3540
E-mail: gjudy@lsu.edu

photo: kazuschyk

Kyla Kazuschyk
Assistant Professor of Costume Technology
E-mail: kkazuschyk@lsu.edu

Vince LiCata

Vince LiCata
Adjunct Professor
Office: (225) 578-5233
E-mail: licata@lsu.edu

Janaé MitchellJanaé Mitchell
Front Office Manager
Office: (225) 578-3532
E-mail: jmitchell1@lsu.edu 



Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy
Associate Professor (Technology); Production Manager; Head, MFA Technology/Design
Office: (225) 578-3543
E-mail: jlmurphy@lsu.edu

photo: o'neil

Shannon Marie O'Neill
Assistant Professor of Sound Design
E-mail: soneill@lsu.edu

Susan Perlis

Susan Perlis
Interim Head of Dance
Office: (225) 578-4974
E-mail: sperli1@lsu.edu

Photo Pletcher

Isaac Pletcher
Visiting Assistant Professor of Film & TV
Office: (225) 578-1920
E-mail: issacp@lsu.edu




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Claudio Ribiero
Professional-in-Residence, Dance

photo: sikes

Alan Sikes
Assistant Professor
(Literature, Theory, and Criticism)
E:mail: asikes@lsu.edu

Vastine Stabler

Vastine Stabler
Interim Managing Artistic Director
Office: (225) 578-9277
E-mail: astabl3@lsu.edu

photo: sikes

Shannon Walsh
Co-Head, PhD Program, Assistant Professor Theatre History
E-mail: swalsh@lsu.edu


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Chris Wood
Professional-in-Residence, Scenic Technologist/Shop Manager
Office: (225) 578-3972
E-mail chiswood@lsu.edu


Emeritus Faculty 

Nels Anderson

F. Nels Anderson
Professor Emeritus

photo: doty

Gresdna A. Doty
Professor Emerita