Tiger Band Resources

Tiger Band Handbook

The handbook functions as the syllabus for MUS4250 and as an outline for the operation and procedures of Tiger Band.



Absence / Information Request

All absence requests must be submitted to be considered for approval. This includes if you need to miss Tiger Band due to quarantine, positive COVID-19 test, etc.

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Distressing Encounters 

Complete this anonymous form if you have encountered or witnessed any unpleasant experiences while being a member of Tiger Band. Encounters can be bullying, hazing, racism, sexism, etc. 



Uniform Issue

All uniform issues must be reported as quickly as possible to facilitate timely resolutions. 

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Uniform Accessory Request

Uniform Accessories include Battery Pack/Cable, Shoes,  Cords and E-Flips. Please wait for receipt of an e-mail from Mrs. Duplantier confirming your purchase.

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Instrument / Lyre Repair Request

Repairs will be handled as they are requested. Please provide as much information as possible about the problem / necessary repair when filling out the form.

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Challenge Requests

All requests to challenge must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CST the Sunday PRIOR to when the challenge will take place. Halftime challenges will take place on Tuesdays directly after rehearsal. Pregame challenges will take place on Wednesdays after rehearsal. If you are challenging for both, submit the form twice.

Please inform both the person you are challenging and your section leader(s) of your intent. 

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Building Access Request

Student staff may request card access to the Tiger Band Hall. Requests are reviewed by both the Department of Bands and the College of Music & Dramatic Arts.

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