FAQs for Student Employment


Do I have to have financial aid to work on campus?

No. You do not need to be a financial aid or scholarship recipient in order to seek student employment at LSU.

Many positions on campus are funded by the university, meaning any student can apply.

Some positions on campus are directly funded by financial aid awards or scholarships (Federal Work-study or President's Student Aid), and are therefore only open to students who have applied, been awarded, and accepted those awards or scholarships. If a position is only open to students with aid, that will be specifically noted in the job description for those positions Learn how to apply for federal financial aid and scholarships.

Some positions may have additional eligibility requirements such as required work hours, specific academic majors, or skills and experience. These requirements will be noted in the application process. 

Is there a minimum GPA?

You must maintain at least a 2.0 overall gpa and not go on probation in order to work on campus.

How to Apply

How do I find a job?

View the How to Apply section of the Student Employment website.

Are all of the jobs on campus?

Most jobs are on campus.

There are also quite a few off-campus community service jobs available if you are awarded Work Study (see below.)  Unfortunately, these off-campus jobs are not available with President's Student Aid.

Getting Paid

How will I be paid?

You are paid every two weeks according to the number of hours that you have worked in that pay period. 

For most positions, you will enter your time in Workday and submit to your supervisor for approval. Please check with your supervisor to confirm how you should enter your time for payment. 

Financial Aid Questions Related to Student Employment

What is the Federal Work Study Program?

The Federal Work Study Program is a need-based work program that offers students an opportunity to earn money while in school. After applying for, receiving, and accepting this award, you would then apply for student employment jobs. If you are awarded Work-Study and do not begin working in a Work-Study funded position by the second month of school your Work-Study may be canceled.

What is the President’s Student Aid Program?

The President’s Student Aid Program is an LSU funded work program awarded with certain freshman scholarships that offers students an opportunity to earn money while in school. After receiving this award, you would then apply for student employment jobs. If you secure a job that can be funded by President's Student Aid, you will be paid from your President's Student Aid award amount. If you are awarded President's Student Aid and do not begin working in a President's Student Aid funded position, you will lose the funds for that year but can pick up again the next Fall with your President's Student Aid award.

What is President’s Future Leaders in Research?

President’s Future Leaders in Research is a part of the President’s Aid Program that is offered with certain scholarships.  This is an opportunity to be paired with a professor doing research while earning money.

How do I receive these awards?

Work Study is applied for through the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). It is awarded on a first come first service basis and funds are limited.

Your Admissions application will automatically put you in consideration for the scholarships that come with President's Student Aid and President's Future Leaders in Research. 

Learn how to apply for federal financial aid and scholarships.

How much will I be awarded?

Work-Study is usually $2,000 for fall/spring or $2,400 for summer/fall/spring but it can vary according to your need-based eligibility.  This is determined through the FAFSA and whatever aid you may already have. (Grants, scholarships, etc.)

President's Student Aid is $1,550 for fall/spring.

How do I ensure I keep these awards?

You will have to reapply for Work-Study each academic year. View the Maintaining Receipt of Aid section of this website.

President’s Student Aid is awarded for 4 years (8 semesters). 

How do I verify and upload Verification of Work-Study or President's Aid during the Handshake job application process? 

View this help article for how to verify your aid status and upload verification of this within a Handshake job application.

Can I use my Work-Study or President's Student Aid during the summer?

You would have to apply for and be awarded Work-Study for the summer.  You must be enrolled in summer courses and maintain at least 6 credit hours in order to use summer Work-Study.

President's Student Aid can never be used in the summer.

Can I continue to work once my Work-Study or President's Student Aid runs out?

That will depend on your employer.  If they have funding you might be able to continue working.  If they do not you would have to stop.   You may want to check on this in the beginning of your employment and if they will not have funds you may want to budget your hours so that you do not run out during the middle of the year.

How do I know when I run out of funds?

You or your employer should track your earnings so you will know when you run out. You can always contact stuemplpoyment@lsu.edu to inquire about your balance.

What if I don’t earn all of the money that I was awarded?

Anything not earned by the end of the academic year remains with the aid program.  You are only paid for time worked.

Will I be penalized if I do not work but have been awarded Work-Study or President's Aid?

If you are awarded Work-Study and do not begin working by the second month of school your Work-Study may be canceled.

There is no specific time to start working if you are awarded President's Student Aid.  If do not work at all one year you will just lose the funds for that year but you will start again the next fall with $1,550. 

For additional questions, contact stuemployment@lsu.edu