LSUS Students Participate in Research to Find Cancer Cures

February 23, 2023

The LSU Shreveport Cyber Collaboratory’s name insinuates the use of 3D printers and hologram tables, but biology professor, Dr. Vonny Salim, and her students are utilizing the space to discover better therapeutics for cancer. By using genomic and biochemical approaches, Dr. Salim seeks to reveal diverse pathways in medicinal plants to produce anticancer compounds that can be used in chemotherapy. 

Dr. Vonny Salim with graduate students

LSU Shreveport's Dr. Vonny Salim works with graduate students to research and improve plant-based cancer therapies.

– LSU Shreveport

As she continues her research, Dr. Salim collaborates with colleagues from LSUS and LSU Health Shreveport. Her mentor for this project is Dr. Shile Huang from the Department of Biochemistry at LSUHS, who focuses on testing the anticancer compounds. Salim also involves her students with her research, a practice she finds enhances the material they are learning in class.