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2023 a triumphant year for LSU

Fueled by the Scholarship First Agenda, LSU's successes across Louisiana, both in athletics and academics, are shaping our state in remarkable ways. The accolades received in 2023 — every scholarship and research breakthrough, every championship title — put Louisiana and its citizens on firmer footing for a brighter tomorrow.

Champions of Progress for Louisiana—and the World

Since its humble beginnings as a military academy, LSU has aspired to be a beacon of excellence for Louisiana and its people while celebrating the unique culture and heritage that make us unlike any other university in the country. Through innovation in the critical industries of agriculture, biomedicine, coastal research, defense, and energy—along with a strong commitment to the arts and humanities—we’re gaining accolades and building a model of the future here at home and for the rest of the world. Come along with us.

Tigers Win!

Inside and outside the classroom

Whether it’s our researchers, our faculty and staff, or our students and alumni, LSU Tigers begin to change the world from the moment they step on campus and throughout the rest of their lives, collecting accolades for excellence along the way.

  • Students: Our students are trailblazers of their generation, with bold ambitions to build a world better than we’ve ever imagined—and the talent to make it happen.
  • Researchers: Our faculty and student researchers discover solutions to society’s most pressing issues, elevating people’s daily lives and broadening our understanding of the world.
  • Faculty: Our award-winning faculty prepare our students for success as the world’s future leaders, healthcare providers, teachers, scientists, artists, and more.
  • Alumni: After graduation, our alumni take the Tiger spirit with them as NASA astronauts, Pulitzer Prize journalists, presidential campaign strategists, and so much more to impact their communities in Louisiana and around the world.


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