LSU Momentum in Energy R&D Sparks Bold Approach to Advance Talent, Technology

March 07, 2023

Enabling Energy Transition Through Demonstration

Last year’s catalytic $5 million investment by the state in carbon capture and hydrogen technology research and development at LSU was at the forefront of a cascade of commitments all aimed to elevate the ongoing energy transition for Louisiana and the nation. These commitments, including a $27.5 million gift from Shell, are now connecting facilities and expertise across the LSU flagship campus in Baton Rouge. Like Louisiana’s generational oil and gas industry, LSU has an opportunity to repurpose its assets to serve as innovative teaching and research environments, while also engaging the public in understanding impacts and opportunities.

Using the $5 million in state funding, LSU is adding hydrogen and carbon demonstrations, including a new surface flowloop and wellbore at its Petroleum Engineering Research, Training & Testing Lab and electrolyzers in the Chemical Engineering Building, next to Tiger Stadium. The electrolyzers will create hydrogen and valuable carbon products from water and CO2. Hydrogen can be used as a non-carbon energy source and is used to produce ammonia, the primary component of fertilizer and an essential resource for agriculture for Louisiana and the nation’s farmers.

“LSU will help Louisiana develop the energy solutions the world needs to thrive,” said Rhoman Hardy, interim director of the LSU Institute for Energy Innovation and former senior vice president at Shell where he helped plan the company’s future growth in low-carbon fuels, chemicals and carbon capture.

Every third job in Louisiana is directly or indirectly connected to energy and chemical manufacturing. Last fall, LSU became the first university in the nation to offer a formal concentration in carbon capture.

Campus footprint of facilities, disciplines to support the energy transition in Louisiana

LSU helps Louisiana lead the ongoing energy transition by connecting facilities and expertise around RD&D.


“Louisiana, with help from our state’s flagship university, LSU, along with our industry partners, will continue to be a leader in energy production for the foreseeable future. I am proud to have secured the state funding to initiate this critical work at LSU to develop new energy technologies that will ensure energy security for the world and high-paying jobs here in Louisiana.”

Sharon Hewitt, Louisiana State Senate Majority Leader, former Shell engineering executive and the energy industry’s primary advocate in the Louisiana Legislature