Entergy Invests $1M in Renewable Energy Integration R&D Partnership with LSU

January 20, 2021

Providing New Solutions for Industry

LSU and Entergy have developed a sustained research relationship over the past decade as the electric utility giant continues to tackle new challenges related to the integration of renewable energy into the existing power grid, including from a growing number of solar panels. University power engineers are helping to identify potential problems and provide practical solutions, such as how to establish more effective micro-grids to secure hospitals and also how to prevent everything from annoying flicker to dangerous blackouts in downtown areas that could be accidentally triggered by the “unevenness” and unexpected patterns of solar energy.

In return, Entergy has supported the researchers’ work with direct as well as in-kind donations, going as far as to write grant proposals together to help funnel more federal research dollars and cutting-edge expertise to Louisiana and Entergy’s larger service territory in the Deep South.

Shahab Mehraeen

LSU power engineer Shahab Mehraeen has collaborated with Entergy since 2011.


“We turned to LSU because we wanted to get ahead of any potential problems that might appear on our system with the increase of renewable energy. The technology is moving forward, and LSU faculty have been helping us identify issues and develop solutions for those issues.”

Thomas Field, senior staff engineer at Entergy