As we near the implementation stage of this project, there will be comprehensive training available for all users. Information about training resources will be posted on this page when it is available. 

Training will be available to align with milestones when users will begin using different functions within Workday Student:

  • August 2024: Recruiting and admissions; application fees and tuition deposits; academic units and levels; student core; program of study profiles; calendars; educational institutions. LSU A&M Only: Course catalog; class schedule.
  • October 2024: Verifications, awarding and packaging for new students; ISIRs. LSUE only: Course schedule; course catalog.
  • February 2025:  Registration and advising; student conversions; verifications, awarding and packaging for continuing students; fee calculations, sponsors and waivers; payments. LSU A&M only: cashiering integration; payment plans; disbursements; R2T4. LSUE only: class schedule.
  • May 2025: Payments; cashiering integration; disbursement; R2T4. LSU A&M only: student financials balances; grading; graduation; transcript generation; end-of-term processing.