Summer Internships

Internships provide an opportunity to learn about an industry and develop skills and experiences necessary for post-graduation success.

Did you know that you can earn credit for your major while doing a summer internship?

Talk with your academic advisor first about earning departmental internship credits so that you ensure you get credit for the experience, that it works with your major, and that it will get listed on your transcript.

If you find an internship on your own and wish to receive academic credit, you must work with your respective college academic advisor prior to participating in the internship.

Internship FAQ

These resources provide assistance. Ultimately, you are responsible for finding your own internship. 

  • You can take a paid or unpaid internship. 

  • There is also a difference between academic and non-academic credit internships. Learn more by reviewing the Olinde Career Center's internship information. If you would like academic credit, please talk with your departmental advisor.

If you want a summer internship you should start looking now!

Most students typically have internships the summer after sophomore or junior year. Some employers require that you have taken some major- specific classes and understand the basic subject matter of your major before qualifying for an internship