Pre-medical/Pre-dental Review Committee

LSU Medical Review Committee

Welcome to the LSU Medical Review Committee website. Please read carefully all deadlines and application steps before proceeding.




Please use this checklist to guide you through the Review Committee application process and your medical/dental school application process.

Attend one mandatory Review Committee information meeting. 

Select and meet with your two required faculty evaluators and any optional evaluators, requesting they write a letter of evaluation on your behalf. These letters will be reviewed by both the Review Committee and the schools to which you are applying. You should provide them with your résumé/other information when you meet with them. Résumé writing information can be found on the Olinde Career Center website at

Complete & submit Committee registration form on website by the deadline.

Schedule and prepare for your admission test. You must upload/email your DAT/OAT scores to the website by the deadline date posted. You cannot be reviewed by the committee until your scores are received. Medical applicants should email your test scores within 24 hours after receipt of your score report from the AAMC if you do not include it in your application. 

Complete & submit Committee application forms on website by applicable deadline. The application includes the demographic information, short essays (2000- character limit, the personal statement, a photo, your college record, test score (if available at the time of submission), and the activities and experiences section

Letters from your two required faculty evaluators (and from any optional letter writers) must be submitted online to the Committee by the applicable deadlines. (Students should never receive a copy of the letter. After you submit your registration form, your evaluators will receive an e-mail link for submitting your letter online.) 

You must request that an official transcript be sent from each college/university you have attended to each applicable application service. You should make this request through the Office of the Registrar at each college/university attended. There is no need to submit transcripts to the LSU Review Committee, just upload your college record to your application (free). 

There are six application services (AMCAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS, AADSAS, OPTOMCAS, and AACPMAS). You should determine which are applicable to you based on the schools to which you plan to apply and complete these as soon as possible.

The application services will verify and forward your information to the schools to which you are applying. After receiving this information, the schools will send you their individual applications, known as secondary applications. After submitting secondary applications, you are eligible for interviews.