Two Biological Science Majors Nominated as Student Employee of the Year

April 08, 2024

Lola Foster

Behind one of the many printing machines in the Department of Biological Sciences, you may find Lola Foster, a senior studying biology at LSU. She works nearly 13 hours a week assisting in office tasks like counting scantrons, laminating and making deliveries to other science labs while juggling being a full-time student.

Foster's hard work is being recognized across campus and it's led her to be nominated as an LSU Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) by the LSU Olinde Career Center.

"It feels very appreciative," she said. "I love my bosses. I've been blessed with Mrs. Danielle [Taylor]. She's been so sweet and Dr. [Christopher] Gregg. I enjoy talking to them every day and seeing them every day."

On top of going above and beyond in the office, she serves as a guide for students in the building. It's another task she's happy to do and is grateful for the connections it's given her. 

"I think people should be able to take away how much involvement they can get out of LSU," said Foster. "So many people don't even realize student worker jobs and it's a great way to communicate with other professors and get really involved at the school you're going to." 

Adam Tarleton

Adam Tarleton has also been nominated for the SEOTY award. He's a sophomore studying biochemistry managing two jobs. One is at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in the Human Obesity Lab with Dr. Candida Rebello, Dr. Ann Coulter and Dr. Frank Greenway. He's also working under Helen Carter and Dr. Christopher Gregg at LSU in the Introductory Biology Department setting up labs. 

"I owe it all to my supervisor Helen Carter," said Tarleton. "She really helps me do everything and my two colleagues Haley and Jonathan."

He found out he was nominated for the award during his working hours, which is about 20 hours a week. You may or may not see Tarleton though, as he works from 4-8 p.m. setting up labs, cleaning and aliquoting necessary prep material using micropipettes.

"Working in the lab really helped me with my school work as well," he said. "I just want to help people and make sure everybody has access to health care."

Nominees will be recognized at the Student Employee of the Year Reception on April 9, 2024.