Adam Hrincevich Receives George H. Deer Distinguished Teaching Award

April 04, 2024

If you've had Dr. Adam Hrincevich as your instructor at LSU, you may remember him by his passion for learners, relatable personality and rigorous courses.

He teaches several classes at the university and works full-time in the Biological Sciences Department, with the majors and nonmajors, labs, lectures and the LSU Online Program. However, classrooms are run differently than traditional settings, as Hrincevich ensures each student has the critical thinking skills they need for their next step in life.

Adam Hrincevich

– BSA Photography

"If I kind of bring myself down to the level of a student, I think they feel much more comfortable asking questions and it's a more relatable experience for them," said Hrincevich. "In the classroom I'm Adam."

He's about to finish the semester with about 1,000 students, but that's a small number compared to the more than 20,000 students who have taken his classes in the last 22 years working full-time at LSU. 

"That's one of the really cool things is that no matter where I go, I see my students," said Hrincevich. "I mean everywhere. It's rewarding to see that."

He's made such an impact on his students that they nominated him for the George H. Deer Distinguished Teaching Award, and he won. This award recognizes faculty members with sustained records of excellence in teaching in the University College and the Center for Advising and Counseling. 

"It's always nice to be recognized after you've been somewhere for a long time and when you're doing a great job," said Hrincevich. "I take a lot of pride in my work and my courses are not the easiest ones. You don't take me just to get an 'A' but if you want to learn something and want to walk away with a lot of knowledge."

Since working full-time at the university in 2002, he's learned how to be dynamic and find different methods of teaching that relate to each student.

"I know that there's a $2,000 cash award, which is nice, but even more importantly to me is to be recognized," said Hrincevich. "If there was no cash award for this I would be just as happy because this is an award on the university level. It's not just within our department. I cried when I got it because I was so happy. It really made my day."