Jiaqi Tan

Assistant ProfessorJiaqi Tan

PhD: Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014

Phone: 225-578-2793
Lab Phone: 225-578-2809 
Office: 520 Life Sciences Building
Lab: 512/514/515 Life Sciences Building
E-mail: jtan7@lsu.edu 

Tan Lab

Area of Interest

I am generally interested in the ecological and evolutionary drivers of biodiversity. I take a systems biology approach to study biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, eco-evolutionary dynamics, and host-microbiome interactions. My work uses experiments with microbes and plants, combined with field observation, genomic and transcriptomic analysis, and quantitative methods. 

Key topics of my research include:

  1. The influences of temporal and spatial dynamics on community assembly
  2. The fitness impacts of microbial eco-evolutionary interactions on hosts
  3. The ability of environmental changes (e.g., warming, pollution, nutrient enrichment) to mediate host-microbiome interactions.

If you are interested in joining my research group, please contact me (email: jiaqitan@hotmail.com).

Selected Publications

Tan, J., Q. He, J. P. Pentz, C. Peng, X. Yang, M.-H. Tsai, Y. Chen, W. C. Ratcliff, and L. Jiang. 2019. Copper oxide nanoparticles promote the evolution of multicellularity in yeast. Nanotoxicology, 13:597-605.

Tan, J., J. B. Rattray, X. Yang, and L. Jiang. 2017. Spatial storage effect promotes biodiversity during adaptive radiation. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 284:20170841.

Tan, J., X. Yang, and L. Jiang. 2017. Species ecological similarities modulate the impact of species colonization history on adaptive radiation. Evolution, 71:1719-1727.

Tan, J., M. R. Slattery, X. Yang, and L. Jiang. 2016. Phylogenetic context determines the role of competition in adaptive radiation. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 283:20160241.

Tan, J., Z. Pu., W. A. Ryberg, and L. Jiang. 2015. Phylogenetic relatedness between resident and invading species, not phylogenetic diversity of resident communities, determines invasibility. American Naturalist, 186:59-71.

Tan, J., C. K. Kelly, and L. Jiang. 2013. Temporal niche promotes biodiversity during adaptive radiation. Nature Communications 4, DOI:10.1038/ncomms3102.

Tan, J., Z. Pu, W. A. Ryberg, and L. Jiang. 2012. Species phylogenetic relatedness, priority effects, and ecosystem functioning. Ecology, 93:1164-1172.