Jordan A. DowellDowell Headshot

Assistant Professor

PhD: University of Central Florida, 2021

Office: 210A Life Sciences Building
Lab: 221A/529B/725A Life Sciences Building

Area of Interest

 As a chemical ecologist and comparative biochemist, I am keenly interested in understanding the evolution of chemical diversity and the effects of chemical diversity on organismal interactions across spatial and temporal scales. Specifically, we combine integrative, multi-omic approaches with natural and life history to study the evolutionary ecology of plant-plant chemical communication and the impacts of multifunctional traits on biotic interactions from single cells to landscapes.

My program has four foci:

  1. (Developing theoretical and empirical models of the evolutionary ecology of plant volatile organic compound (VOC)-mediated interactions,
  2. Identifying the relationships between the evolution of phytochemical diversity and physiological tradeoffs,
  3. Testing the direct and indirect effects of plant VOC-mediated interactions in plant-pathogen systems, and
  4. Developing statistical frameworks to assess chemical diversity and models of chemically-mediated cellular and species-level interactions.