Biology Intensive Orientation for Students (BIOS)

BIOS and CHEMIS are intensive academic orientation programs specifically for incoming College of Science majors.  The Science Boot Camp program is designed to help new students make the transition to the expectations of college prior to the start of the fall semester.

BIOS/CHEMIS 2020 will be embedded in LSU Welcome Week, Aug 15-23. You will have choices of "Adventures" for Thursday - Sunday. BIOS/CHEMIS activities will begin Thursday morning with a College of Science introduction, and finish on Saturday at lunchtime. You may choose additional Science Adventures before and after BIOS, if you wish.

Participants will:

  • Learn important study skills
  • Get a jump start on the course content
  • Get an electronic copy of the Biology or Chemistry textbook
  • Meet faculty, graduate students, and university staff 

Who is Eligible for BIOS?     Because of changes in LSU Freshman Orientation, only College of Science Majors will be eligible to participate in the Science Boot Camp Program 2020. Eligible majors include those in the following departments:  Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology & Geophysics, Mathematics and Physics & Astronomy.

How do I register for BIOS/CHEMIS 2020?     When you sign up for "Adventures" for Welcome Week, BIOS and CHEMIS will be options.

How much will the Science Boot Camp cost this year?    The fee is $125 for 2020 to pay for your introductory science e-textbook.  Please do not duplicate this purchase through the LSU Bookstore. 

Why don't I have to pay for housing and meals during BIOS?     Since we are now a part of Welcome Week, housing and meals are covered by your campus housing and meal plans.  You may commute for BIOS if you intend to live off-campus during the fall.  If you do not purchase a fall meal plan, then you will be responsible for your meals for the week.

Is Financial Aid available for BIOS and CHEMIS?     Since the Boot Camps are a part of Welcome Week, your LSU scholarships and grants can be used to pay for the e-textbook, as with your other expenses for the fall semester.

More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found here.

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