Tiger Conservation Fund



The LSU Tiger Conservation Fund is designed to help save tigers in the wild. Tiger fans, and anyone who loves and appreciates these majestic animals, can contribute to the fund through the LSU Foundation, and help make sure our beloved Tigers aren’t lost to extinction.


of the world's tiger population is gone


or fewer tigers remain in the wild

The campaign is part of LSU’s involvement in the U.S. Tiger University Consortium. Through the consortium, LSU has teamed up with the other “tigers” of the SEC -- Auburn, Clemson, and the University of Missouri – to help save wild tigers from extinction. These four universities are working to save tigers by raising awareness of the issue and by raising funds that will help the cause in various ways. The consortium is part of the Global Tiger Forum hosted through the World Bank’s Global Tiger Initiative.

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Help Save Tigers

Funds will: 

  • Advance science for the preservation of wild tigers in tiger range countries
  • Create a fellowship program for undergraduate, graduate and veterinary students interested in conducting research on tiger management and conservation
  • Prepare LSU students for careers in wildlife management, conservation and ecosystem health