Will Mari

William Mari

Assistant Professor in Media Law
247 Hodges | 225-578-3145 | wmari1@lsu.edu 


Dr. Will Mari is an assistant professor of media law/history, with a particular focus on transition(s) from analog to digital technologies in journalism and the impact they have on the everyday lives of people working in the news industry, including legal and social-cultural implications for news workers.

He has a Ph.D. in communication from the University of Washington, an MPhil in historical studies from the University of Cambridge, Wolfson, and two bachelor’s degrees – one in communication and journalism and the other in history – from the University of Washington.

In 2019, he published a book on the history of the computer in the American newsroom from 1960 through 1990 (A Short History of Disruptive Journalism Technologies) and is currently working on a sequel that focuses on the commercial internet and the media industry from 1990 through 2010. He is working on a separate, longer book project for a university press, that is a social-cultural history of the American newsroom during the interwar years and early Cold War.

Mari helps run the Journalism History Podcast, and is an active member of several professional and academic organizations, including the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, where he serves as the research chair of the History Division. He very occasionally posts to www.willmari.com and a lot more often (maybe too much!) to Twitter.

He is married to the amazingly awesome Dr. Ruth Moon Mari, who is also on the faculty of the Manship School. When he is not working on research, he likes to run, dance (Lindy/swing), hike, read books by members of the Inklings, or spend time with friends, including back in his adopted hometown of Seattle.

Selected Publications

Mari, William. 2021 (under contract). Newsrooms and the Disruption of the Internet: 1990-2010. Routledge.

Mari, William. 2019. A Short History of Disruptive Journalism Technologies: 1960-1990. Routledge.

Mari, William. 2017 (online, 2018 in print). “Unionization in the American Newsroom, 1930 to 1960,” Journal of Historical Sociology.

Mari, William. 2017 (online, 2018 in print) “Telephone and mobile-reporting technology adoption in the American newsroom, 1920-60,” Journalism Studies.

Mari, William. 2015 (online). "Writer by Trade: James Ralph’s Claims to Authorship" September 2015. Authorship.

Mari, William. 2014. “‘Bright and inviolate:’ the growth of business-newsroom divides in the early twentieth century.” September 2014. American Journalism.

Mari, William. 2014. “An enduring ethos: journalism textbooks and public service.” November 2014. Journalism Practice.