Laville Honors House

First-year students in the Odgen Honors College can live in the Laville Honors House located in East and West Laville Halls. This community is made up of a diverse peer group that participates in social, academic, and service activities, and interacts with faculty. 

Rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors who are in good standing with the university and the Ogden Honors College can live in the Honors Community at the East Campus Apartments


Laville Halls

East and West Laville Halls provide everything Ogden Honors College students need to be successful: offices where faculty advisors hold office hours, seminar rooms, multiple study and community spaces, modern rooms, and a great location between The French House and the 459 Commons dining hall. 

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To participate in the Laville Honors House, you must:

  • Open to first-year Ogden Honors College
    • You must apply for admission to this program. Visit for requirements.
  • Maintain status in the Ogden Honors College and enroll in required courses with the assistance of Honors College staff
  • As space allows, Honors residents may request non-honors roommates, called Honors buddies 

  • Priority course scheduling
  • Some courses taught in Laville Hall
  • Exclusive access to programming, hands-on activities, tours, and experiences
  • Easily make new connections by living and learning with a core group of peers
  • Network with faculty members and college administrators
  • Live close to the French House and 459 Commons dining hall

During the admitted-student housing application process, select the Laville Honors House as your preferred housing option.

Ogden Honors College staff reviews the applicants for eligibility and notifies residents of their acceptance into the program throughout the spring. Once you receive this acceptance you can begin searching for and matching with potential roommates. 

For Laville Honors House eligibility information, view the requirements above or contact Ogden Honors College staff listed below. 

For housing application and room assignment information, please contact Residential Life at

granger headshot

Granger Babcock
Laville Honors House Rector
Ogden Honors College 

christopher flaker

Christopher Flaker
Laville Honors House
Residence Coordinator