Renee Richard-Gonce

Director of Communications & Administration

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As a college student, I attended college in what I like to call two different phases. Initially I was a commuter student living at home and never really connected to college outside of the classes I attended.  After a hiatus, I transferred and attended college away from home and moved into the residence halls.

Two completely different experiences.

I know that the work we do in campus housing makes a difference because I experienced it myself decades ago, and we have only improved the connections and the impact during that time. 


College is such a transformational time in a person’s life, and it feels good to know that we are a significant part of offering opportunities for students to experience these years to the fullest potential. -Renee

Little did you know

I have been naming my dogs after the members of the Manning family since 2001.  I have had Peyton, Archie, and Eli, and I currently have a yellow lab named Cooper and a black lab named after Eli's wife, Abby.  

The best spot on campus

The Quad – no contest.  When I walk into that space it just feels and looks like what a college campus should be.  I think that is why it has been showcased in many movies.  I take my welcome week small group there every year to make sure they fall in love with LSU the way I have.

Advice I don't leave home without

"People won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  I could spout my credentials and years of experience to people all day long, but the comments I hear most from students and parents who are thanking me for my assistance always boil down to feeling appreciated and cared about." 


EdS, Louisiana State University
MEd, University of Southern Mississippi
BS, University of Southern Mississippi

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