Kaytriauna Farr

Residence Coordinator

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I do this work because I know that I offer a support system to the students I serve. As a first-generation student myself, and a role model to my siblings, I take on the experience of leadership that’s gained through trial and error.

I have fun in a learning environment where growth happens daily, where uncomfortable conversations challenge unconscious biases, all while my identities intersect in ways that freshman year Kay could not have imagined.


When you find your favorite place on campus - whether that be in  a res hall, a hidden gem, or popular location, it becomes a space where you make memories, build relationships, and feel safe. Those feelings and that place are connections that assist you along the college journey.

My Favorites

I couldn’t decide on the top 3 movies, so I settled for top 2 movies and my favorite tv show:

Movies - How the Grinch Stole Christmas, HairSpray
TV Show - A Different World 

One thing first-year students should know

The idea is not to “fake it” until you make it. Ask those questions, explore those ventures that make you curious, if assistance is needed get it, and if you do not feel seen, heard, and valued then say something. Your voice matters!

This number has meaning

My favorite number is 27. Not only is the day in the month of January that the world was blessed with my presence, but it also signifies two numbers paired together, a 2 and a 7. The 2 represents double the balance and prosperity, and the number 7 represents completion, which to me means that before my time is up, I will have successfully completed my life’s work!


MEd, Texas Christian University
BA, Marquette University

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1019 Spruce Hall