Elissa Douglass

Residence Coordinator

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College is a very developmental part of students’ lives where they often branch off and become their own person. While this is a great thing, it can also be an experience that is scary and challenging to navigate. With this in mind, I always aim to provide students with the support that they need to become their best selves. 


Involvement can get you so far in life! You can build so many connections and learn about so many things that you may have never known otherwise. -Elissa

Little did you know

I wrestled for 4 years on the collegiate level and have earned All-American accolades.

A word I cannot get out of my head

However! I love a good conjunctive adverb.

Oh the places I've been

I claim Houston as my hometown since I lived there for most of my life. However, I did get the opportunity to attend LSU Laboratory School for 2 years in my youth, which ultimately prompted my return to LSU for my master’s degree. In undergrad, I lived in Arkansas for 4 years which was so beautiful! A perfect place to visit if you love to hike. 


MA, Louisiana State University
BA, Lyons College

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