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Engineering Residential College


The Engineering Residential College (ERC) - Spruce Hall, which opened in Fall 2018, is one of the newest learning communities helping to develop the next generation of engineers, construction managers and computer scientists who will face the technical challenges of a global economy.

The ERC offers academic enhancement programs, some classes in the residence hall, plus weekly instruction supplementing math, physics, and chemistry. A prime goal of the ERC is to jump start students' professional development by quickly acquainting them with the College of Engineering. Corporate sponsored events aimed at exposing students to internship, Co-Op, and engineering, construction management, and computer science careers are additional ERC program objectives.

Admission Requirements & Eligibility:

  • The Engineering Residential College is open to students with a declared major in engineering, construction management, computer science, or engineering undecided.
  • Students must also have a MATH ACT of 23 or higher(or a MATH SAT of 540 or higher).
  • ERC residents will be scheduled in two classes out of a set of first year English, Math, and Science courses for each semester based on initial placement in curricula.

Additional Features:

  • Onsite tutoring and academic support will be available as well as academic advising with LSU College of Engineering counselors and ERC rector.
  • Through a variety of activities and programs, ERC students have the opportunity for interaction with College of Engineering faculty and staff, industry leaders, College of Engineering student organizations and Career Services, to name a few.

ERC students can learn how to schedule their classes by visiting:

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