Certificate Requirements


The requirements for attaining the Associates Level Certificate include:

1) Completing a semester long course on instruction in college classrooms.  Examples include BASC 7000: Methods of Instruction in College Life Science Laboratories OR similar department specific course at LSU and the on-line The College Classroom CIRTL course offered through the CIRTL network. 

2) Completing at least one semester of a relevant education journal club.  Examples include the science education journal club offered in Biological Sciences and on-line journal clubs offered through the CIRTL network.


The requirements for attaining the Practitioner Level Certificate include:

1) Completing the requirements for the Associate Certificate.

2) Complete an additional related  journal club seminar course.

3) Complete at least 6 credit hours of elective education courses (local or CIRTL network courses).

4) Attend a multi-day intensive teaching and learning workshop or a similar intensive training program offered by a professional organization whose objectives align with CIRTL Learning Outcomes.  Examples include the Gulf Coast Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching and  the LSU CxC Summer institute.


The requirements for attaining the Scholar Level Certificate include:

1) Completing the requirements for the Practitioner Level Certificate.

2) Completing the practicum course in Teaching-as-Research (TAR), offered on-line through the CIRTL network.

3) Present the TAR project and findings at a national meeting or publish in a peer-reviewed publication.