School Librarianship

School librarians work in public or private elementary, middle, and high school libraries, where they develop collections which support the curriculum, collaborate with teachers to integrate reading into the classroom, and provide information literacy and reference services to students. 


Students must take LIS 7400 School Library Management.

Students must also complete at least three of the following courses:

  • LIS 4101 Collection Development for Children
  • LIS 4102 Collection Development for Teens 
  • LIS 7002 Information Resources
  • LIS 7100 Youth Services Librarianship
  • LIS 7104 Non-Fiction for Children and Teens
  • LIS 7105 Graphic Novels in Libraries
  • LIS 7800 The Art and Practice of Library Storytelling
  • LIS 7807 Information Literacy
  • LIS 7808 Special Topics in Library & Information Science when the topic is appropriate
  • LIS 7900 Internship in Library & Information Science
  • LIS 7909 Directed Independent Study 

MLIS students who hold a valid teaching certificate may add school library certification to their certificate after graduation. MLIS students who do not hold a valid teaching certificate may earn Ancillary Certification after graduation by passing the school library portion of the PRAXIS examination. Information about Add-On and Ancillary Certification may be found at

Dual Degree with Graduate Certificate in School Librarianship

MLIS students may also earn the Graduate Certificate in School Librarianship by submitting the Request for Dual Degree. All Graduate Certificate in School Librarianship courses will apply to the MLIS degree. A description of the certificate is available at Graduate Certificate in School Librarianship. MLIS students would substitute an additional elective from Category 1 or 2 for the Category 3 internship.

For more information, contact Dr. Suzanne Stauffer.