Undergraduate Minor in Digital Studies



Average Louisiana starting salary for positions in digital studies.

- Lightcast 2023 Information Studies Data Set


Estimated Louisiana job growth in digital studies between 2022-2032. 

- Lightcast 2023 Information Studies Data Set

About the Minor

This minor equips students with the knowledge needed to effectively engage in 21st century digital information environments and informational architectures. The coursework provides marketable employment potential by developing tangible skills in web analytics, information organization and representation in digital environments. 

Student Profile

The minor will benefit students in any discipline who wish to broaden their perspectives on the rapidly changing information environment and develop tangible skills relating to this environment. Students wishing to declare the minor should consult with their academic advisor.

Course Requirements

Students are required to complete 15 student credit hours.

Complete the Following Courses (Offered Every Fall & Spring)

LIS 1000 Information Literacy and Critical Analysis (Social/Behavioral Science ILC)
LIS 2000 Introduction to Information & Society (Social/Behavioral Science ILC)

Select Three Electives

LIS 2003 - Information & Internet Environments (Offered Every Fall)
LIS 3510 - Foundations of Digital Information Organization (Offered Every Spring)
LIS 4511 - Information Architecture (Offered Every Fall)
LIS 4513 - Information Techniques for Social Media (Offered Every Other Spring)
LIS 4900 - Special Topics in Library and Information Science (Offered Every Other Spring)


Tyler Viso
Academic Coordinator