SIS Planning & Assessment

Programatic Student Learning Outcomes

SIS Strategic Plan: 2018-2025


The School of Information Studies will be a leader in analyzing the complex intersections among individuals and communities, human communication and information, and informational, educational, and cultural heritage institutions.


The School values and promotes equity, diversity, accountability, and intellectual openness. We engage with and are driven by real world issues and communities, and promote the essential role played by informational, educational, and cultural heritage institutions in all spheres of life.


The School's mission is to prepare leaders who will guide, direct, and administer informational and cultural heritage institutions in the 21st century. The School accomplishes this mission through research, discovery, and publication of knowledge in the field and by educating the next generation of leaders in:

  • collaboration, creative problem solving, innovation, and the management of information and institutions
  • the knowledge and skills needed to identify and understand individual and community needs and to facilitate progress through engagement with informational and educational materials and resources
  • the theory and practice of evaluating, collecting, describing, organizing, and disseminating information in any format and/or environment
  • the skills needed to teach individuals and communities to understand, manage, and preserve digital content
    fostering engagement with communities through professional service and collaboration