Jacob Hoffpauir

BS Economic & BS Finance, 2024
Germantown, Maryland

Leading the Charge for Academic and Professional Success

OOE recipient Jacob Hoffpauir, a young man wearing a purple check button up shirt smiling with his arms crossed.

Jacob “Jake” Hoffpauir is not your average college student. As a double major in finance and economics and a leader of several student organizations, he embodies the essence of dedication, drive, and determination.

With a keen eye for the intricacies of finance and economics, Jake’s academic journey reflects his passion for understanding the complexities of global markets and economic trends. Despite the rigorous demands of balancing two majors, Jake maintains an equilibrium by dedicating focused time and resources to each task. His disciplined approach underscores his ability to thrive in academic challenges while simultaneously immersing himself in various leadership roles within the college community.

Reflecting on his time at the Ourso College in a recent interview, Jake highlights the significance of building relationships with professors and the invaluable real-world insights gained through these connections. His advice to first-year students is to embrace involvement early on, a principle he embodies, as evidenced by his extensive engagement within the college.

“[Getting involved] really opens up a wide variety of networks and makes this large campus kind of have a small feel. It also provides an opportunity to meet peers and like-minded individuals who have similarly aligned goals.”

Jake serves as president of the de Soto Society and previously held the vice president position on the Business College Council and the Interfraternity Council, demonstrating his commitment to fostering a collaborative and enriching environment for his peers. One standout experience Jake had as a student leader was organizing a speaker night featuring Brandon Landry, the founder of Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar enterprise. This event provided students with invaluable insights into entrepreneurship and career success.

Jake is particularly proud of his work with the de Soto Society, a finance organization dedicated to guiding freshmen and sophomores toward successful careers in finance. Through this platform, he has orchestrated professional development workshops, networking events, and educational programs aimed at equipping students with the necessary tools to navigate entry into the competitive finance industry. 

“The [finance industry] interview process can be very rigorous and requires a lot of preparation. For your junior year internship, the interview takes place in the spring of your sophomore year. Many individuals are unaware of this, which leads them to fall behind in the industry.” Jake addresses this challenge and other issues related to charting a career in finance through his work as a student leader. 

Looking towards the future, Jake is preparing to embark on a career in investment banking with Q Advisors in Denver, Colorado. His eagerness to contribute to the dynamic field of finance while tackling the unique challenges presented by the tech, media, and telecom sectors underscores his ambitious spirit.

Jacob Hoffpauir epitomizes academic excellence, leadership, and ambition. He is poised to make a significant impact in finance and beyond with his drive and commitment to success.



What’s your dream vacation?

The Amalfi Coast

Favorite meal in Baton Rouge?

Drunken noodles at Soji

What's the best piece of advice you have received? 

The best piece of advice I have received is to always give it 110% regardless of the task at hand. Whether the task is minimal or extremely important, it is imperative to put your best foot forward as it will help to make you a very detail-oriented professional in all aspects of life.

How do you spend your free time?

I like to spend my free time hanging out with my friends. I am a big golfer and enjoy spending time on the course. I also enjoy reading, traveling, trying new foods, snowboarding, and watching sports.

Is there a faculty/staff member who contributed to your success?

Professor Michael Kirby has played a pivotal role during my time in the college. His industry experience and willingness to help students pursue careers in finance have allowed me to truly get an industry-level understanding while at an undergraduate level. He has acted as a resource and mentor for me and has contributed his time and expertise to further my success. He also has a unique teaching style that allows you to apply academic-level knowledge to case studies, which has been a great opportunity to put the application into practice.

Honors & Activities

  • President's & Dean's Lists
  • The de Soto Society, President 
  • Business College Council, Vice President 
  • Interfraternity Council Executive Board

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