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The LSU Center for Internal Auditing (LSUCIA) offers a unique and dynamic curriculum that emphasizes tactical, strategic, and operational auditing as a value-added consultative function. 

In order to receive a specialization or minor in internal auditing, completion of the program is required. The first course takes place in the spring, and the last course is offered in the fall. Students planning on earning a graduate degree at LSU can also begin the program as undergraduate students and complete the program as graduate students. With more than 4,000 students having completed the program since 1985, LSUCIA is the best place to start your career.

Undergraduate Required Courses 

Semester Course Information 
Spring ACCT 3233 Internal Auditing I
Summer ACCT 4233 Case Studies
Summer ACCT 4333 Internships (*only required if you obtain an internship)
Fall ACCT 4234 Internal Auditing II

Additional Courses Required for Internal Audit Minor 

Course Information
ACCT 4237 Governance, Risk, and Controls
Any faculty approved elective 

Graduate Required Courses

Semester Course Information
Spring ACCT 7333 Internal Auditing I
Summer ACCT 7232 Case Studies
Summer ACCT 7333 Internships (*only required if you obtain an internship)
Fall  ACCT 7234 Internal Auditing II


For course descriptions, please refer to the LSU General Catalog