CxC Studios

To assist all LSU students in improving their communication skills, CxC has staff and studios across campus equipped with state-of-the-art technology and highly-skilled communication advisors.  Each studio provides a host of basic services, including:

  • assistance with writing, speaking, visual, and technological communication skills
  • assignment review and feedback consultations for communication-related projects
  • video recording of student presentation practice sessions, final presentations, and critiques
  • instructional support and guidance in creating digital portfolios
  • special workshops on a variety of communication modes
  • individual and group workspaces
  • support and guidance for completion of the LSU Distinguished Communicator certification
  • assistance for faculty in designing assignments and assessments for C-I courses

In addition to these basic services, each studio offers specialized services essential to their discipline and some multimedia equipment is available for check-out. CxC Studios are open to all LSU students and faculty. All CxC services are free; however, there may be minimal fees for printing services where available.

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Art & Design Studio

CxC Art + Design Studio

104-A Design Bldg. Vincent Cellucci,, 578-1197
Specialty: writing and speaking in the arts, 3D fabrication

Engineering Studio

CxC Engineering Studio

1269 Patrick Taylor Hall,, 578-2632
Specialty: engineering posters, presentations, and 3D visualization




Studio 151

CxC Humanities & Social Sciences Studio 151

151 Coates Hall,, 578-7656
Specialty: multimedia projects, presentations,
audio and video production, writing support for all disciplines

Science Sign
CxC Science Studio

[inside Studio 151] Becky Carmichael,, 578-7656
Specialty: science writing, posters, presentations, and 3D visualization