Communication Support in CxC Studios

Communication Support in CxC Studios

CxC is excited to support you with all of your communication goals throughout the semester. Check out what we offer below and click on the type of service to learn more.

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Studio Resources

1-on-1 Zoom meeting

Writing Support

CxC’s writing mentors help undergraduate students with any kind of writing, from essays, lab reports and research papers to personal statements and application letters. Mentors are available to schedule real-time 30-minute consultations over Zoom.

student in front of a computer with notes

Asynchronous Support

If your schedule doesn't allow for a 1-on-1 appointment, you can still submit your work-in-progress for feedback via asynchronous support. We hold our asynchronous sessions to the same standards as our real-time ones, so you'll receive the quality feedback you're used to from a real-time appointment.

3D printer

In-person Resources

Need digital documentation, specialty printers, 3D resources, or engineering projects that require workstation or conference room access? We’re here for you! Please note: these services in The Chevron Center for Engineering Education and the CxC Art+Design Studio are now available by appointment only.


camera beside a laptop

Equipment check-out

Whether you know exactly what gear you need or you're looking for suggestions to help with your project, CxC has what you need. Call or drop by one of the CxC Studios listed below so a team member can help you decide what you need and assist with the check-out process.


student typing at a compuer while on video chat

1-on-1 Communication Support

Whether you need help perfecting your presentation script, visuals, or delivery, CxC Communication Mentors are available for real-time coaching via Zoom.

*When accessing the scheduling page, choose the type of support you are looking for from the Select Service or Studio dropdown menu to filter mentors available for your specific needs.

student using a laptop on a couch

Self-Guided Resources

If you're not sure what your project needs or just want to get a better understanding of where to start, check out these helpful videos, blog posts, tip sheets and tutorials.



student drawing on a Wacom tablet

CxC Art + Design Studio

215 Julian T. White Hall

Contact: Josef Horáček

Phone: 578-4601

Specialty: writing and speaking in the arts, 3D fabrication

students working at computers in the Chevron Center for Engineering Education

CxC Engineering Studio

1269 Patrick Taylor Hall

Contact: Boz Bowles

Phone: 578-2632

Specialty: engineering posters, presentations, and 3D visualization

male student providing writing support/mentoring to female student

CxC Humanities & Social Sciences Studio 151

151 Coates Hall


Phone: 578-7656

Specialty: multimedia projects, presentations, audio and video production, writing support for all disciplines

student using a 3D printer

CxC Science Studio

(inside Studio 151)

Contact: Becky Carmichael

Phone: 578-7656

Specialty: science writing, posters, presentations

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