LSU Communicator Certificate


The LSU Communicator Certificate recognizes students who:

  • earn a B- or higher in C-I courses consisting of the following mode credits: 3 written, 2 spoken, 1 visual, and 1 technological;  
  • complete a quality written reflection appropriate for a public audience; and
  • remain in good academic and disciplinary standing with the university.

This is a non-degree certificate issued by the Office of Academic Affairs via LSU CxC. All LSU undergraduates who fulfill the above requirements are eligible for this Certificate regardless of their degree field/major.


C-I Course Requirement Details

Official C-I courses adhere to these University guidelines and are accredited by the Office of Academic Affairs via LSU CxC. Only official LSU C-I courses may be applied to the LSU Communicator Certificate; no course substitutions or contracts are permitted. Courses taken as pass/fail are not eligible.


Written Reflection Instructions & Guidelines


Your reflection should be no longer than 1,000 words, be free of errors, and written in a professional, blog post-style for an external audience.


Your reflection should be thoughtful and specific. You should include details that speak to your individual experience throughout your time at LSU. When writing your reflection, consider the following questions (though this should not be formatted as a Q&A): 

  • What are the most important things you learned about communication tactics and tools in your chosen discipline/field? 
  • How have your C-I courses and other college experiences helped you improve your communication skills? 
  • What specific communication skills, knowledge, or tools have you come away with that will most benefit you post-graduation? 
  • What advice do you have for future students seeking to communicate more effectively and succeed within your field of study? 

Academic Integrity

Plagiarism is not permitted and all suspected cases will be reported to the Dean of Students. 


Spring or Summer graduates, reflections are due no later than March 31.
Fall graduates, reflections are due no later than November 15.


Your reflection must be uploaded as a PDF file via this e-form.  Reflection Uploader


LSU Distinguished Communicator Medal

For students seeking to advance their communication skills further, they can apply to be a candidate for the LSU Distinguished Communicator Medal. The LSU Distinguished Communicator Medal recognizes students who successfully earn the LSU Communicator Certificate and complete the following additional requirements: 

  • Participate in experiential and leadership activities related to his/her field that enable him/her to practice effective communication skills;
  • Participate in CxC eportfolio workshop;
  • Collaborate with a faculty advisor and a CxC instructor to create an eportfolio that is designed for a public, professional audience within his/her field, and that appropriately showcases his/her disciplinary knowledge and exceptional skills in written, oral, visual, and technological communication; and 
  • Write a "dear reviewer" letter that effectively contextualizes his/her portfolio and describes his/her growth as an emerging professional.


Students must apply for the Medal program with at least three semesters of coursework remaining. Learn more about the LSU Distinguished Communicator Medal.