C-I Course Listings

C-I Course Listings

At LSU, we are committed to helping undergraduates improve the primary skill employers in all fields and industries consider paramount for success: communication skills. In Communication-Intensive (C-I) courses, instructors work with students to advance their communication skills while simultaneously learning the course content. It’s essentially an opportunity to upgrade the educational experience without taking any additional courses!

There are more than 300 C-I courses are offered each semester across the disciplines. Search the listing below to see if your course is C-I.

**NOTE: C-I courses are certified at the section level, by semester. Please be aware that the C-I course listing for Fall 2020 is subject to change due to the dynamic nature of the semester. We will be regularly updating this list as details are made available. (Updated 8/25/2020)

Looking for more? Here are some additional resources CxC provides free of charge:

  • For help with C-I courses, students can visit one of the four CxC Studios on campus for writing consultations, presentation training, audio/video editing support, and more!
  • Students who take three or more C-I courses and earn a B- or higher might be eligible for the LSU Communicator Certificate.
  • Any undergraduate with the drive to expand their skills beyond the Communicator Certificate can apply to earn the LSU Distinguished Communicator Medal.