CxC Team

Rebecca BurdetteRebecca Burdette, M.A.
B8 Coates Hall

Rebecca joined CxC in 2008 as associate director. She holds a bachelor’s in mass communication, a master’s in strategic communications, and is working on a Ph.D. in organizational training and development. Prior to joining CxC, Rebecca spent 15 years working in communication and public relations for non-profit and private sector organizations. Rebecca enjoys connecting people and projects to make incredible things to come life for her students, faculty, LSU, and the Baton Rouge community. She is particularly fascinated with technology and how it impacts the way we communicate personally and professionally, which led her to becoming a founding member of the U.S./Canada Wikipedia Education Foundation and a co-founder of TEDxLSU. Rebecca often sums up her philosophy on work and life with her favorite anonymous quote: “Excellence can be obtained if you care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is safe, dream more than others think is practical, and expect more than others think is possible.”


Annemarie GaleuciaAnnemarie Galeucia, Ph.D.
Student & Faculty Development Coordinator
B6 Coates Hall

Annemarie earned her BA in English Literature from Wagner College, her MA in Religious Studies (American Public Cultures) from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and her Ph.D. in Geography & Anthropology from LSU. In addition to her ten+ years of teaching and research experience in various academic programs and under the auspices of organizations such as the Lilly Endowment and Bureau for Ocean Energy Management, Annemarie co-organizes TEDxLSU and was also named a 2016 AAC&U K. Patricia Cross Scholar for her commitment to higher education. Annemarie enjoys applying her training as a social scientist to enhance connections between academic research, public knowledge, and engaged community for students, faculty and Baton Rouge as a whole. When Annemarie isn’t collaborating via her CxC role you can find her reading crime novels, researching and writing on material and public cultures, and convincing people that everywhere is walking distance if you have time.


Becky CarmichaelBecky Carmichael, Ph.D.
College of Science Coordinator
School for the Coast & Environment Coordinator
151 Coates Hall

 Becky holds a B.S. from Purdue University, with a focus on conservation biology, and Ph.D. from LSU, with an emphasis on disturbance ecology, both in Biological Sciences. Prior to pursuing her graduate degree, she worked with the National Park Service, as both an Interpretation Ranger and a Biological Science Technician. As the CxC Science Coordinator, Becky works as an instructor, mentor, and a Wikipedia Education Foundation liaison, communicating science with faculty and students. With 12 years teaching experience, Becky enjoys exploring new pedagogy to support effective learning. She also teaches an Honors course in disturbance ecology for non-science majors. Becky is invested in supporting students in the sciences through Science Studio events, the Distinguished Communicator program, LSU Discover, and Summer Undergraduate Research Program. She helps ensure translation of science to the wide audience by serving as a speaker coach for TEDxLSU and LSU Science Cafe. Her current research interests include how science communication facilitates science appreciation, confidence, and literacy. When not in her office, Becky enjoys investigating delicious foods and exploring nature with family and friends.


Vincent CellucciVincent Cellucci, M.F.A.
College of Art + Design Studio Coordinator
104-A Design Building

Vincent earned his MFA in Poetry from LSU. He attended Loyola University and received his Bachelor’s degree in English Writing with a background in studio arts, studying painting and glassblowing while cross-enrolled at Tulane University. Vincent also serves on the School of Art Graduate faculty and has developed and hosted workshops for the Louisiana Division of the Arts. He specializes in poetry, 3D scanning/printing, portfolio development, and teaching and writing, especially in the art and design disciplines. Over the past several years, Cellucci co-authored multiple successful grants; authored, edited, or translated several books of poetry; and presented or published at various art, design, writing, and pedagogy conferences. He is currently examining the interstices of poetry and digital fabrication and collaborating on an interactive poetry web app.


Boz BowlesBoz Bowles, M.F.A.
College of Engineering Coordinator
Chevron Center for Engineering Education
1233 Patrick F. Taylor Hall

Boz has spent the last 15 years teaching writing courses at 4 different colleges and universities. He has an MFA in Fiction from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, where he was an assistant editor for Blackbird: An Online Journal of Literature and the Arts. His creative works have appeared in a variety of journals and magazines, including Copper Sails and Red Rock Review. These days, in addition to his English classes, he has a hand in approximately 65 engineering courses a year. He also teaches an online course with the Encounter Engineering in Europe (E3) program. As a part of the team in CxC and the Chevron Center for Engineering Education, he has co-authored numerous academic papers. His

hobbies include drumming and martial arts.

Kevin DiBenedettoKevin DiBenedetto, B.A.
College of Humanities and Social Sciences - Studio 151 Manager
CxC Business and Technology Manager
B10 Coates Hall

Kevin earned his BA in Mass Communication from LSU with a concentration in Electronic Media. He has spent the last 16 years at LSU working in a variety of roles, but at the heart of his skill set he is passionate about helping students, faculty and staff master the skills necessary to produce the best possible video and audio products. He has spent the last few years identifying new technologies and trends in higher education related to further enhancing the communication skills of students. This expertise also comes in handy as he currently serves as the executive producer and production manager for TEDxLSU.  He is an avid film buff and is proud of the film collection that he has helped to put together and manage in Studio 151.