LSU Communicator Certificate FAQs

You probably have lots of questions about how to earn the LSU Communicator Certificate. We've compiled a few of the ones we hear most frequently, but if your question isn't answered, reach out to so we can help!

The National Association of Colleges and Educators (NACE) and American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU) among other national organizations, regularly research what skills and competencies graduate programs, public, private, nonprofit and grassroots organizations seek. They survey people from across disciplines, fields and industries. Consistently, they highlight efficacy in written and oral communication, digital communication skills, the ability to work in teams, and application of creative and critically engaged solutions as priorities in the highering process. 

No. Faculty from across majors and colleges certify their courses as communication-intensive. Communication is a top skill valued by employers in every field and taking C-I courses in your area of study helps you show you know your stuff. 

This depends on you. Since there are Communication-Intensive (C-I) courses in most disciplines, you have the opportunity to choose courses that are already aligned with your academic plan. Just be sure to choose the C-I option when you're selecting your courses each semester.

There is no formal application process for the LSU Communicator Certificate. Completing at least on C-I course automatically puts you on the path to earning the certificate.

However, the LSU Distinguished Communicator medal program does require an application. To pursue the Distinguished Communicator program, you will need to have at least three semesters left before you plan to graduate.

First and foremost, check in with your Academic Advisor to make sure you're taking courses that work for you and your goals. There are a few ways to find a C-I course.

  • The LSU Course Offerings page you use to schedule. Look for a course section labeled “Section Involves Communication-Intensive Learning.”
  • At C-I Course Listings can be accessed from the Students drop-down in the nav bar.

No. C-I courses are certified each semester by section and instructor. So if a course is not explicitly listed as C-I, you will not be able to receive C-I credit for that course. Even if the course content is the same, a C-I course professor has taken the time to promise you’ll experience a certain level of practice and feedback to help you build your communication skills.

This depends. Think modes, not courses. You’ll need to earn the following mode credits: 3 written, 2 spoken, 1 visual, and 1 technological. You earn these credits by completing C-I courses with a B- or higher. Some courses are certified in more than one mode, so you might complete this in as few as 4 courses.

We do the work for you! Our database keeps track of your C-I courses and which modes you’ve earned. Each semester, you’ll receive an email from CxC with your progress toward completing the requirements. Be sure to add to your address book so these emails don't get filtered into your spam folder!