Self-guided Resources for Students

Whether you want to get started on a project on your own or you need assistance during off hours, CxC has you covered. Check out the resources below to help you achieve your communication goals.

Looking for one-on-one support? Schedule an appointment with one of CxC's communication mentors to receive feedback on communication projects including research papers, presentation visuals, speech delivery and more. All appointments are available via Zoom or by uploading your work for asynchronous feedback at no charge.

illustration of two people talking and showing reportsProfessional Communication







illustration of a person sitting in front of annotated textDevelop Your Writing Skills

Not sure where to start?

Free tools

  • Purdue OWL offers info on citations guides and offers quick tips on different aspects of writing
  • Just need a grammar check? Try Grammarly (browser plug-in to help with spelling, punctuation and grammar)





illustration of three people holding different charts


Not sure where to start?

Working on a poster? 

Visual Communication Basics







illustration of a person standing next to a phone that is recording audio

Recording Audio

Recording a podcast or voiceover? Start with this three-part series.