CxC Writing Support

CxC Writing Support

CxC’s writing mentors help students with any kind of writing from essays and research papers to personal statements and application letters, through both online and face-to-face appointments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Click on the “Schedule an Appointment” button above and select the appropriate “Service”.
  • Click on the time you wish to reserve.
  • Register with Appointy or sign-in.
  • Once finished, you will receive an email notifying you of the tentative appointment. You will receive a 2nd email once the meeting is confirmed.

CxC Studios do not collect money from you for writing support or other forms of communication mentoring. This service is part of resources available to you, at no additional cost, as an LSU student.

We do offer drop in writing support services on a first-come, first-served basis. You can call or visit Studio 151 or the CxC A+D Studio during studio hours to ask if a writing mentor is available.

Our communication mentors are trained to first help you ensure that you are addressing the overall idea and organizational concerns for your writing. Together, you and the writing mentor will check to make sure the thesis, support, and overall aspects of the writing are in accordance with the assignment and your goals. From there, time-permitting, you and the writing mentor will then check some of finishing touches like punctuation and grammar. CxC communication mentors are trained to help you as the communicator rather than to fix a paper or assignment, so that as your communication assignments and goals continue to develop you are setting yourself up for future success.

  • Writing mentors can help you during all stages of the writing process, from planning and drafting to revising. Keep in mind, though, that the most useful conferences happen early in the writing process.
  • Writing mentors will discuss options to improve various features of a written text—development, organization, audience adaptation, sentence structure, or usage.
  • Writing mentors will also work with you to set long-term goals that will transfer to future writing tasks.

If you’re currently in the early planning stages, please bring details and any notes, outlines, or ideas you have. If you’ve begun writing, please bring a working draft. Always bring a copy of the assignment details and something to take notes. You can bring an electronic or hard copy to face-to-face sessions.

Your mentor will first work with you to set limited goals for your conference. No one can rethink and rewrite an entire paper in 30 minutes, so you will determine a focus and strategies for making your next draft more effective. You may need to make another appointment depending on how far along you are with your project.

You and the writing mentor will discuss questions such as:

  • What is the assignment?
  • Where are you in the process?
  • When is it due?
  • What are your concerns?

Each session is customized to your needs and will vary depending on what stage you are in with your writing project.
The mentor will suggest working first on higher order concerns—content and organization. They may ask these questions to help with content:

  • What is the assignment?
  • What is your purpose?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your persona as the writer?
  • What tone will be most appropriate and how will you create it?

Once you’ve got a good sense of content and organization, you are ready to focus on usage and punctuation. Only then will your mentor help you to identify patterns of error. Most writers make the same types of errors when they write. Once patterns of error are identified, you will learn how to proofread for and correct that error. The tutor will guide you through the first examples to clarify the rules and then encourage you to proofread the rest of the text.

No. You can also work with a mentor on your oral and visual presentations. You can use the "Schedule an Appointment" button to learn more about our additional communication support services. 

We use Zoom! Each of our mentors has a personal meeting room used for taking appointments.

After scheduling your appointment, you should receive a confirmation email followed by an additional email that includes the meeting URL for your session.

To start your session, you will need to follow that URL and log in using your LSU information. We recommend doing this a few minutes before your session start time so you can download the necessary components. 

Once Zoom is set up, you will see a screen similar to this one until your mentor logs in:

screenshot of zoom login screen with the text: Please wait for the host to start this meeting. This is a recurring meeting. [Mentor Name]'s Personal Meeting Room.

Once they sign in, you will see a screen that indicates you are in their “waiting room.” After they admit you from the waiting room, your session will begin. 

You are not required to use the camera functionality, but you must enable your audio. You will rely primarily on the screen sharing and audio exchange functions of Zoom. 


Please have whatever materials you plan to refer to during the session already open on your device. This includes but is not limited to any sample materials provided by your instructor, rubric, guidelines/prompts, and (of course) the work you have produced and would like to discuss. 

By participating in a session, you are expected to interact with the mentor in a professional and respectful manner. As an LSU student, you are also expected to abide by all the same rules and guidelines that govern all enrollees of the university, as outlined within the LSU Student Handbook and the LSU Code of Student Conduct. Any behavior deemed inappropriate will be referred to the Office of Student Affairs and/or Office of Academic Integrity.