Kenneth McMillin

Kenneth McMillin, Faculty Senate President

The LSU Faculty Senate encourages participation in faculty governance by all faculty members.
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Special Feature: Photographs from the HEAT (Hold Education All Together) Rally at the State Capitol (February 24, 2016)
Photos taken from a boots-on-the-ground position by Kenneth McMillin

Click the links below to view the photos

Photo 1   Photo 2    Photo 3    Photo 4    Photo 5    Photo 6    Photo 7    Photo 8    Photo 9


Special Announcement: APIC (Administrative Improvement Committee) opens web site for suggestions and concerns

The LSU Faculty Senate has partnered with the Office of Academic Affairs to create the Administrative Performance Improvement Committee. Recommended by Faculty Senate Resolution 14–11 and fast-tracked
by interim Executive Vice-President and provost Richard Koubek, the “APIC” group, a joint faculty-administration venture, will undertake a comprehensive review of service delivery systems at LSU,
with special attention to services rendered to faculty members. APIC has created a site at which any and all faculty members may submit suggestions or concerns. Click on the link below to access
the APIC suggestion submission site.

To visit the APIC suggestion submission site, CLICK HERE.

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