LSU Chemistry Stockroom Coordinator Receives 2024 Technician of the Year Award

May 24, 2024

Nicole Reid

Nicole Reid, Organic Chemistry Stockroom Coordinator, LSU Department of Chemistry

BATON ROUGE - The American Chemical Society, or ACS, Baton Rouge Local Section, has honored Nicole Reid, the Organic Chemistry Stockroom Coordinator at the LSU Department of Chemistry, with the 2024 Technician of the Year Award. The accolade recognizes Reid’s service to the department and her efforts in supporting the organic chemistry teaching laboratories, all while fostering a safe and conducive learning environment.

Reid, who joined LSU Chemistry in Spring 2022, holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with minors in Mathematics and Biology from Louisiana Christian University and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction in STEM Education from LSU Shreveport. Her professional background includes several years of teaching math and sciences, including AP Chemistry, in the K-12 setting.

Reflecting on her transition from teaching to her current role, Nicole stated, “I thought I would miss the classroom and teaching, but now I get the best of both worlds: I work with students, prepare the teaching labs, and make solutions. I don’t have to grade papers, but I still get to be part of the teaching and learning process.” 

Reid’s passion for organization and chemistry shines through her work. She ensures that 15 sections of organic chemistry teaching labs, each with about 32 students, are well-equipped and prepared each semester. She also manages the ordering, maintaining, and distributing of chemical supplies, laboratory materials, and scientific equipment, which directly contributes to the quality of education students receive.

Drawing on her years as a certified educator, Reid can often be seen walking through the labs, ensuring everything flows smoothly, supporting the needs of the students, teaching assistants, and instructors. Reid also assists Assistant Professor Sviatoslav Baranets with hosting the regional U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Exam at LSU. 

“I am deeply thankful for receiving this award. It makes me feel truly appreciated for my hard work and reinforces my daily efforts in creating a productive learning environment,” Reid stated. “And yes, my 'teacher voice' is still very much here, reminding everyone to stay focused and keep learning!”

Reid’s commitment to maintaining a well-organized stockroom and providing essential support has been integral to the success of the department’s teaching labs. The LSU Department of Chemistry is proud to have Mrs. Nicole Reid as a vital team member, and faculty and students highly value her contributions.