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LSU School of Social Work Assistant Professor Jen Scott

LSU School of Social Work Professor Awarded Grant for Reducing Disparities in Disaster-related Mental Health Burden

LSU School of Social Work Assistant Professor Jennifer Scott was awarded a grant by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to adapt, deliver and assess the efficacy of a brief group mental health intervention in East Baton Rouge Parish organizations.


Chemical Industry Leader BASF Taps LSU to Help Optimize Its Operations Using AI

BASF, the largest chemical producer in the world, is collaborating with LSU chemical engineers to better understand and predict its own production ebbs and flows using artificial intelligence, or AI.

Freshwater diversion map

LSU Study Shows Landbuilding, Site of Freshwater Diversion

LSU College of the Coast & Environment scientists have published an analysis of two existing freshwater diversions on the state’s coastline, one of which shows a significant amount of land having formed over the past 17 years.

Excavation of LSU Campus Mound B in 2018

Who Built the LSU Campus Mounds Provides Insight into these Prehistoric Treasures

The LSU Campus Mounds sit on high ground overlooking the Mississippi River floodplain and have been a gathering place and destination for people for thousands of years.

Cremmjoy team

Inventherm Wins Tech Grant for Ice Cream Machine

LSU Innovation Park tenant, Inventherm, has been awarded a $650,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to develop a commercial prototype of its breakthrough soft-serve ice cream machine.

Robot vacuum

Cyber Experts Teach How to Shop Smart and Safely this Holiday Season

In preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, LSU cybersecurity expert Abe Baggili and his students share the latest hackable technology and how to protect you and your family this holiday shopping season.

Handmade air pressure monitor

LSU Professor Captures Shockwaves from Volcano with Handmade Air Pressure Sensor

LSU Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Professor Chunyan Li picked up the global atmospheric shockwaves sent out by the largest volcanic eruption of the 21st century on air pressure sensors at his home and office.

Potatoes Can Be Part of a Healthy Diet

Potatoes Can Be Part of a Healthy Diet

When we think of healthy vegetables, we don't think of potatoes, but we should. Potatoes have developed a reputation for causing weight gain and an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, and often find themselves on a list of foods to avoid, especially for individuals with insulin resistance. However, a new study from Pennington Biomedical Research Center, published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, says that potatoes actually did not increase that risk, are filled with key nutrients, and packed with health benefits.

Kameshwar Studying the Effect of Debris on Structures in Natural Disasters

Kameshwar Studying the Effect of Debris on Structures in Natural Disasters

In Louisiana, the main concern for several months out of the year is hurricanes, or more specifically, the wind and storm surge that accompany them. However, an overlooked aspect of these storms is the resulting debris, which accounts for nearly 25% of all disaster costs.

DOTD traffic camera footage with LSU AI

Want Safe Roads? LSU Researchers Think Artificial Intelligence Can Help Us Understand Driver Behavior

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has awarded the LSU Center for Analytics and Research in Transportation Safety a competitive grant to build an AI engine to better understand driver behavior that leads to crashes in order to help prevent them.

WFL Coastal Storm Surge Prediction

LSU Improves Storm Surge and Flood Predictions with AI

The LSU-developed tool to predict storm surge and flooding during severe weather events—the Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment, or CERA, website—has become an essential resource for thousands of emergency managers and first responders in Louisiana and the nation’s coastal states to help protect people and infrastructure. Now, the tool will become even smarter and faster, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Abe Baggili

Hacking the Metaverse

LSU Cybersecurity Professor Abe Baggili is one of the first people in the world to study immersive virtual reality safety to provide solutions to the VR software industry and protect people who use these new products.


LSU Geoscientists Analyze Fans' Earthshaking Reaction to Win

Fans inside and outside of Tiger Stadium erupted with excitement as they watched their team beat Alabama in overtime. At the same time, a seismometer on LSU's campus captured the excitement, recording two distinctive seismic wave events.

WFL Cyber Hooktracer

LSU Researchers Use AI to Track Cybercrime in Louisiana And Beyond

LSU cybersecurity researchers are developing a new tool, called HookTracer, to speed up cybercrime investigations using AI.

Unveiling new physics in 8Be

LSU Researchers Collaborate to Better Understand the Weak Nuclear Force

Physical Review Letters, the world’s premier physics letter journal, has published two papers by a team of LSU nuclear physics researchers to advance the knowledge on the important implications for understanding the physics of the weak nuclear force.