New Interactive iPads at the LSUMNS!


ipad near the Louisiana marsh exhibit
In 2016, the LSU Museum of Natural Science was awarded a grant from the LSU Student Sustainability Fund to mount iPads near all nine of our habitat dioramas to add a modern element and make them more interactive and educational. We are excited to announce that the project is now complete. With the iPads, you can now learn more about the 150+ animals and plants featured in our dioramas with a touch of the finger (see example below). This is a permanent addition to the LSUMNS so stop by and check it out!

Project Contributors

Grant Proposal
Valerie Derouen
Dr. Robb Brumfield
Dr. Sophie Warny

Diorama Silhouettes
Vivien Chua
Subir Shakya

Content Creation
Valerie Derouen
Dr. Robb Brumfield
Genevieve Mount
AJ Turner
Rafael Marcondes
Anna Hiller
Oscar Johnson
Caroline Judy
Link Morgan
Zach Rodriguez

Expert Proofread
Dr. Van Remsen - Birds
Dr. Jake Esselstyn - Mammals
Dr. Christopher Austin - Amphibians & Reptiles
Dr. Laura Lagomarsino - Plant Identification

Interactive PDF Creation
Casey Muller
Valerie Derouen

Exploring the ipad. It goes from the marsh exhibit home page, to a silhouette of the exhibit, to information about the tundra swan.