Archaeology and Ethnography

archaeology excavation

Excavation at the Hoover Site in Louisiana

The Museum’s Anthropology Division holds both archaeological and ethnographic collections.

The archaeological collections consist of artifacts and other site-related materials from over 2000 sites, predominantly in the southeastern United States, and including extensive collections from WPA-related excavations in the Lower Mississippi River Valley. The ethnographic collection contains over 3000 objects from South America, Africa, Australia, Oceania, Asia and the Arctic, and is particularly strong in Native American basketry from Louisiana and featherwork from the Amazon basin.

featherworkFeatherwork from Amazonia

The Division also has a Zooarchaeological Comparative Collection that includes a synoptic component, as well as a small seed collection.

Most of these collections are available to researchers, including students, by appointment. However, NAGPRA-related material is not available for research.

Collection Databases

complicated stamped sherd from south Louisiana

Complicated Stamped Sherd from South Louisiana, ca. A.D. 1000

Rebecca Saunders, Curator
Beverly Nuschler, Collections Manager