2017 Fall Seminar Schedule

 Museum Seminar Photo Collage

*Seminars begin at 3:30 p.m. in the main gallery of Foster Hall


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August 25

Dr. Jordan Satler, Iowa State University
Title: "From population genetics to phylogenetics: co-diversification of ecological communities in shallow and deep time"

September 1

Dr. Raul Diaz, Southeastern Louisiana University
Title: "How developmental biology can lend a hand in understanding the chameleon arboreal body plan and species evolution."

September 8

Samantha Hauser, University of Louisiana Lafayette
Title: “Population and landscape genetics of the Black-capped Vireo (Vireo atricapilla) around its stronghold, Fort Hood, Texas

September 15

Glaucia Del-Rio, Subir Shakya, Vivien Chua, & Ryan Burner, LSU Museum of Natural Science
Title: "Expedition Travelogue Part I: Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mongolia"

September 22

Dr. Lauren Eserman, LSU Herbarium
Title: “Evolution and development of storage roots in morning glories (Convolvulaceae)”

September 29

Anna Hiller, Jessie Salter, Mark Swanson, & Jon Nations, LSU Museum of Natural Science
Title: "Expedition Travelogue Part II: Texas, Arkansas, Indonesia, and Malaysia"

October 6

Dr. Jason Bond, Auburn University
Title: "Using phylogenomics to deconstruct the spider tree of life"

October 13

Dr. Brian Counterman, Mississippi State University
Title: “The origin of species told from the wings of a butterfly”

October 20

No Seminar: Fall Break

October 27

Sara Lipshutz, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Title: “Female competition and hybridization in sex-role reversed shorebirds"

November 3

No Seminar: Yellow Rails & Rice Festival

November 10

No Seminar: Museum Retreat

November 17

Dr. Kevin Conway, Texas A&M
Title: "Tenacious C: Phylogenetic relationships of the clingfishes (Gobiesocidae)"

November 24

No Seminar – Thanksgiving Break

December 1

Dr. April Wright, Southeastern Louisiana University
Title: "Flexible Bayesian modeling of morphological data for phylogenetic analysis"

For further information, please contact Anna Hiller: ahille2[at]lsu.edu