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Louis A. Day

Alumni Professor Emeritus | CV



Louis A. Day is an expert in media law and ethics. His background includes experience as a television and radio news reporter, writer, and editor, and two years in public information with the U.S. military. He teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses. 



Selected Publications

Day, L.A. (2015). Professional Ethics and The Old Testament: The Legacy of God’s Chosen People. Media Ethics, 26(2) (online edition).

Day, L. A. (2010). Darwin’s children: The evolutionary foundation of journalism ethics. Media Ethics, 22(1), 14-16.

Day, L. A. (2006) Ethics in Media Communications: Cases and Controversies, 5th edition. Belmont, CA.: Wadsworth Publishing Co.

Day, L. A. (2002). Globalization’s Challenge to the Press? Moral Imperative: Journalists Must Become Globalists, in David Demers (ed.), Global Media News Reader. Spokane, WA: Marquette Books, pp. 129-145.

Day, L. A.,  Abraham Santibanez and Miguel Gonzalez. (2001). Journalist Ethics For The New Millennium: A Latin American Approach (a media ethics case book published in Spanish in Chile).

Day, L. A. (1999). The Journalist As Citizen Activist: The Ethical Limits of Free Speech, Communication Law and Policy, Winter: 1-34.

Day, L. A. (1999). Political Advertising and the First Amendment, in David Perlmutter (ed.), The Manship School Guide to Political Communication. Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University Press.

Day, L. A. (1997). Ethics Case Study Commentary (Teaching: A Professor’s Moral Obligations?). Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 12(4): 247-50.

Day, L. A. (1996). Ethics in Media Communications: Cases and Controversies. Wadsworth Publishing Co.

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