LSU Manship School Doctoral Student Ibs Sackey-Rockson Named Recipient of Fellowship in Political Economy

May 2, 2024

ibs-sackey-rocksonBATON ROUGE—Ibs Sackey-Rockson, a first-year doctoral student at LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication, recently earned the Don Lavoie Fellowship in political economy from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. This prestigious award is open to advanced undergraduate and early-stage graduate students across all disciplines within the social sciences.

Recipients are selected through a competitive process and are evaluated based on their academic pursuits, research interests and alignment with the mission and vision of the center. Fellows attend online discussion sessions with scholars that introduce them to key ideas in Austrian, Virginia and Bloomington schools of political economy. They also receive mentorship on research, jobs and graduate school.

“It’s an exciting award,” said Sackey-Rockson, who joined the doctoral program in fall 2024. “I am excited to share my knowledge with various scholars on the implications of the political economy on various sectors.”

Sackey-Rockson’s research for the fellowship explores the role of media organizations as policy entrepreneurs in advocating for various governmental policies. Moreover, his work examines the evolving landscape of political discourse surrounding economic issues and its impact on the general populace.

His wide-ranging interests include media law, political and international communication, and strategic communication. Through this fellowship, Sackey-Rockson joins a network of Mercatus students, alumni, faculty and scholars committed to advancing cutting-edge research in contemporary political economy.

The Mercatus Center is a research center focused on advancing knowledge about how markets solve problems to aid in healthier, happier and richer lives. For over 40 years, the Center has provided support to scholars using mainline economics tradition to research real-world concerns.

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